Critical Race Theory (CRT) Claims That Any Disparaties In Outcomes, Such As School Suspensions Or Academic Achievement, Are The Result of Systemic Racism

This did not happen overnight. In the late 1800s, John Dewey (1859-1952), a radical education reformer, started publishing and experimenting with his theories on education. He hated capitalism and wanted to reconstruct American society.

Around 1923, a group of Neo-Marxists started the Frankfurt School to develop the ideas of an Italian Marxist, Antonio Gramsci. They realized that the revolution Karl Marx had promised would not come to pass in the West because class warfare revolutions only work in countries with large populations of illiterate peasants.

Based on Gramsci’s Cultural Marxism theory, the Frankfurters set about to develop Critical Theory.

Cultural Marxism operates on a basic Marxist doctrine that only “power” and “oppression” exist. With Critical Race Theory, the oppressive power structure is the institutions of white-skinned people and the Bourgiose. In other words, the skin color makes that person an oppressor and systemically racist.

In American schools, after they replaced Civics classes with Sociology, Howard Zinn started his attack on United States History in his infamous, anti-American, anti-Capitalism, revisionist textbook series called A People’s History of The United States. This, along with the media, did much of the heavy lifting for discrediting America’s founding and the progress this country has made in race relations. By the mid 1990s, his “history” was in almost every elementary and high school system in some form or another.

In 2019, along came the 1619 Project from the New York Times Magazine. The editor in charge of the project, Nicole Hanna-Jones, has taken CRT and Zinn’s “history” and put them on steroids. Now this is being injected into the curricula in schools.

NOTE: Understand that you will not find the actual words “Critical Race Theory” or “1619 Project” on any published class or textbook descriptions. As you become more familiar with the language and methods of the advocates of Critical Theory, you will see that it is the foundational doctrine, philosophy, and lens used in crafting a revisionist slant on any subject.


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