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VIDEO: RJUHSD STAFF VOICES ON EQUITY (34:28) Teachers share how well the work of “Equity” is progressing throughout the six high schools in the district. This video focuses on Ethnic Studies and Math teaching.

VIDEO: RJUHSD RACISM 1, FAMILY STRUCTURE (52:14): A critique of Roseville Joint Union High School District’s decision to contract with National Equity Project (NEP) to assist the district’s high schools in closing the disparity gap between minority and white student suspension rates. The solution NEP has suggested, and RJUHSD accepted, is to stop referring minority students for suspension. (See the district plan.)

VIDEO: SILENCED CLASSROOM (3:17): Short interviews of teachers who have experienced the results of Obama era policy on suspending minority students.  

ARTICLE: STUDY: ‘FAMILY STRUCTURE’ A MAJOR FACTOR...conducted by senior fellows Nicholas Zill and W. Bradford Wilcox at the Institute for Family Studies (IFS). This article explains one of the many studies that shows that racism is not a big factor in the equity gap in minority-white school suspension rates. Contrary to BLM, NEP, and CAL ED, all studies find that family structure is the main factor in minority kid’s poor school performance. So, if BLM is really in favor of helping minority kids, why is BLM committed to abolishing the Western Nuclear Family Structure?

ARTICLE: CHAOS IN SCHOOLS SINCE OBAMA ERA DISCIPLINE POLICY: Teamsters president and NY senator discuss the effects of the dramatic drop in school suspensions in New York City since the Obama-era policy enacted. “Parents are taking their children to other schools even if they have to pay for private schools,” he said. “They don’t want to have to have their children in an environment where they’re assaulted and there’s no accountability.” 

ARTICLE: IFS STUDIES WHAT IS THE ROLE OF FAMILY IN EQUITY GAP? This empirical study, and many, many more, are completely ignored by the US Civil Rights Commission and the CA State Ed Dept. By Nicholas Zill W. Bradford Wilcox. 


(Guidelines for Rocklin): SOCIAL JUSTICE STANDARDS THE TEACHING TOLERANCE ANTI-BIAS FRAMEWORK: Very focused on students establishing their identities and where they intersect. Page five is of special note. Locate the “Actions” section and Anchor Standard #20. (In case you were wondering how young, white, high school and millennial girls end up violently marching, screaming, and protesting (and rioting) in their communities.)

INVISIBLE PRIVILEGES WORKSHEET: Social Justice survey to help students/staff figure out if they are privileged (oppressors) or victimized (oppressed), based on a few stereotypical features: skin color, sex, gender, and nationality (to name a few). It also helps in seeing other people based on their stereotypical features. Essentially divides people based on how many victim-features one can claim and allows for a hierarchy by adding up all victim points.

EQUITY AUTOBIOGRAPHY HANDOUT: Another privilege assessment. Only looks at race or other minority status features.

ROCKLIN UNIFIED PARENT ROUNDTABLE #3 “PRIVILEGE” SEMINAR: Once again, looking at everything through the lens of RACE. Focuses mainly on establishing your group identity with no consideration other than skin color and stereotypical features. 


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