Roseville Joint Union High School District (RJUHSD) Hires NEP. They Help Districts Examine Teachers and Curricula For Hidden Racism.

The National Equity Project (NEP) is a private contractor (there are many of these organizations). On NEP’s web site they say their goal is to “create equitable and just systems and to foster discussions on race and systemic oppression.” They “focus on oppressive institutions”. (Were you aware that Roseville’s high schools are oppressive institutions?) It appears that, instead of producing students who pass literacy tests, learn marketable job skills, and become productive citizens, they have helped create teachers and students who see race in everything, and many become radicalized. NEP has been in dozens inner city school districts for many years. Their record in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Oakland schools, among others, speaks for itself.

California Department of Education (CDE): In 2019, the Trump Administration rescinded the Obama era program that mandated all school districts decrease suspension rate disparities between white and racial minority students. However, the (CDE) doubled down on the Obama era program and is also requiring school districts to implement programs based on Critical Race Theory (CRT) and identifying “White Privilege” in teachers, students, and curricula. Through CRT implementation, student groups are pitted against each other by identities (color, sex, religion, gender, class, etc.), specifically to determine which students and teachers are “oppressors” and which are the “oppressed”, based on skin color and privilege.

Example #1: New for the Fall 2020 semester, one of RJUHSD’s schools offered an Ethnic Studies class. The students were given a “Social Identity Category Response Sheet” to fill out. This survey uses identifiers such as race, sex, gender, religion, etc. The students enter their answers into columns titled “Privilege Group” or “Target Group”. The teacher approached a student and said the student was a “Privileged White Racist”. The student and parent met with the principal and teacher about the incident. They principal told the student and parent that the teacher was correct. (See “RESOURCES” under “DOCUMENTS” for this sample survey.)

Example #2: At another RJUHSD’s school, a Mexican boy was directed by his English teacher to write a paper on how he has been oppressed because of his race. He stated to us that he had never been oppressed because of his race and was concerned that the teacher would be upset so he fabricated a story.


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