Get Involved And Stand Together For the Kids

Concerned citizens: Are you feeling helpless? We need you. There is a place for everyone, from silent supporters, to leaders, to hands on helpers. Click on the sign-up button to see where you can participate.

For those who want to help organize and lead:

Are district board members, superintendents, principals, administrators, and teachers our allies, or are they opposed to the information presented throughout this website? As concerned citizens we need to be informed as to what people in these positions believe and adopt in the school system. It is our right as parents and community members to be involved in the education of our youth.

Be understanding. Be patient and persevere in gathering friends, family, and concerned citizens to stand together. School boards will listen when they see a ground-swell in the community writing letters, speaking up at board meetings, writing to local newspapers, phoning and emailing individual board members, voting in local elections for candidates with like-minded goals, and, if necessary, publicly rallying together at the district office.

Sample Flyer: When you are ready, make a flyer that you can email to every parent you know. Also, carry some with you so it can be handed out everywhere you meet people. It can be posted on billboards at grocery stores, coffee shops, churches, and telephone poles.

Sample Letter: To mail or email, remember to make it your own version. Send it to parents you know so they can forward it to their school board members, school staff, and other parents.

(We can assist you in writing specific letters to targeted people and organizations.)


To stay updated and to help overcome this takeover of our schools: