Study And Prepare Yourself With The Facts


PLEASE STOP HELPING US:: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed. Jason Riley

WHITE GUILT: How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era, Shelby Steele.

UNJUST: Social Justice (SJ) and the Unmaking of America, Noah Rothman: SJ is not social and it’s not just. Rather, it is a toxic ideology that encourages division, anger, and vengeance. Rothman uncovers the real motives behind the social justice movement and explains why, despite its occasionally ludicrous public face, it is a threat to be taken seriously.

DEBUNKING HOWARD ZINN: MARY GRABAR: Exposing the Fake History That Turned a Generation against America. Grabar does a great job of examining Zinn’s “history” against the real documents from Columbus to Bombing Japan to the Civil Rights Movement to many other actual facts.

THE WAR ON HISTORY: The Conspiracy to Rewrite America’s Past, Jarrett Stepman:

IT’S OKAY TO LEAVE THE PLANTATION : The New Underground Railroad, Mason Weaver:

SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT: American History in Black & White, David Barton. An illustrated DVD of this book is available on Amazon.

GEORGE ORWELL’S “1984” AND “ANIMAL FARM”: Two books in one binding.


THE QUEST FOR COSMIC JUSTICE: Thomas Sowell. Argues that “equality” is neither right nor wrong, but meaningless. Shows how confused conceptions of justice end up promoting injustice, how confused conceptions of equality end up promoting inequality, and how the tyranny of social visions prevents many people from confronting the actual consequences of their own beliefs and policies.

NOVEL: THE GIVER: Lois Lowery. The 1994 Newbery Medal winner has become one of the most influential novels of our time. Some societies, even our own, try to make us all “equal”, to protect us from harm, to protect us from the end results of our own bad choices. The emptiness and menace underlying this Utopia emerge step by inexorable step in this richly provocative novel. “The Giver” has put into perspective what life could be like if we let that happen.

DISCRIMINATION AND DISPARITIES: Thomas Sowell. Empirical evidence to challenge the idea that different economic outcomes can be explained by any one factor, be it discrimination, exploitation, or genetics. Analyzes the human consequences of the prevailing social vision of these disparities and the policies based on that vision–from educational disasters to widespread crime and violence.

THE WOKE SUPREMACY: An Anti-Socialist Manifesto, Evan Sayet. Takes an honest look at the Democratic Socialist movement, its founding, its history, what its followers want, and what they’re willing to do to get it.

HUMAN REASON AND ITS ENEMIES: A Rigorous Critique of Postmodernism, Sheryar Ookerjee. The postmodern reliance on the concept of ‘language games’ and its love-hate relationship to Western science, are examined in depth.

CREDENTIALED TO DESTROY: How and Why Education Became a Weapon, Robin S. Eubanks. Provides the necessary information to confront what is intended to be a wholesale transformation of the US economy and our society without any of our consent.

THE “1619” PROJECT, A CRITQUE:, Phillip W. Magness. (The full copy of the NYT 1619 Project is available in the “Documents” section.)

CYNICAL THEORIES: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity and Why This Harms Everybody. By Dr. Helen Pluckrose and Dr. James Lindsay, two of the brightest minds on Social Justice.

CODDLING OF THE AMERICAN MIND: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up Failure, Lukianoff, Haidt.

HOW TO BE AN ANTI-RACIST: Ibram Kendi. Kendi is a priest (maybe the high-priest) of Critical Theory. Read this and you will see exactly what the enemies of our constitution and nation have in mind for our future. For him to implement his ideas, you would have to invalidate the US Constitution and all decent private and public discourse will be legally banned. (Recommend you borrow a copy.)

WHITE FRAGILITY: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism, Robin DiAngelo. DiAngelo is one of the many radicals who have made millions off of American corporations for her “Employee Struggle Sessions” and “Implicit and Hidden Bias Workshops” at tax payer expense. President Trump banned these misguided indoctrination workshops in all federal agencies in mid 2020. (Recommend you borrow a copy.)


WHAT WOKE “ANTI-RACISTS” BELIEVE: The Daily Signal: Jarrett Stepman. According to both DiAngelo and Kendi, there really are only two paths any person may take: racism or anti-racism. Being “not racist,” as Kendi writes, is not good enough, nor does it mean one isn’t a racist.

DOC: THE NY TIMES 1619 PROJECT: The rewriting of American History to assert the United States started slavery in 1619 when the first slaves arrived in Virginia, a British colony. Actually, it was another 157 years later that the United States started. Good to read so you can understand the propaganda that has been inserted into elementary and high school textbooks.

 DOC: PEW RESEARCH CENTER: U.S. CENSUS BUREAU STATISTICS ON AMERICANS’ AGE BY RACE: The most common age among whites in the U.S. is 58 – more than double that of racial/ethnic minorities. This explains the main reason why white households have far more wealth than minority households. Obviously, people over the age of 55 would have a lifetime of earnings and savings compared to people in their 20s. Yet, Social Justice (Equity) advocates say the disparity is totally the result of Systemic Racism.

DOC: OUT OF SCHOOL AND OFF TRACK: US CIVIL RIGHTS COMMISSION ON SUSPENSIONS: (118 page study on suspensions) The Overuse of Suspensions in American Middle and High Schools. The commission produced this to argue against President Trump rescinding the disasterous Obama policies and his “Dear Colleague” mandates.

FREDRICK DOUGLASS: IS THE CONSTITUTION PRO-SLAVERY OR ANTI-SLAVERY: (21-Page essay) The uninformed believe that Douglass held that the US Constitution was pro-slavery. This essay by Douglass proves otherwise.

DOC: SOCIAL JUSTICE ATTACK SURVIVAL GUIDE: This survival guide is intended to assist the individual who finds himself under attack by Social Justice Warriors.

DOC: OBAMA “DEAR COLLEAGUE” LETTER: This document contains the full, Obama “2014 Dear Colleague” letter to all schools and the Trump rescission of the mandate. The schools were mandated to stop suspending minority students among other requirements by the U.S. Department of Education.

RJUHSD 2019-20 EQUITY CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT PLAN:  The first two pages show pie-graphs depicting the disparity between minority and white suspensions. Pages three shows the district’s plan to narrow the gap between minorities’ and whites’ suspension rates by not suspending minorities. Page four shows how the schools are to decrease the gap in achievement by identifying “Equity Makers” (ie: exam questions that minorities miss) and eliminating or rewriting them to help minorities get better grades. Key words: “Equity Markers” means questions missed by minorities. “Key Cohorts” means minorities. (There is a critique video of the district’s presentation in the RJUHSD section.)

DOC: SOCIAL IDENTITY RESPONSE SHEET: This sheet is a typical classroom handout in Humanities’ classes. An Ethnic Studies teacher at a local high school had students fill out the survey questions. Notice how it determines whether a student is an oppressor or a victim, or victim or a privileged white. Checked boxes are added up to determine how “victimized” a student is. The more victim points, the more honor and public space is given for having opinion on “Equity” issues.

DOC: THE POLITICIZATION OF UNIVERSITY SCHOOLS OF EDUCATION (100 pages): The Long March through the Education Schools. Excellent, in-depth analysis of the history of the takeover of education by progressives since the mid 1800s. Most students in Placer County will have few, if any, victim points because of race, religion, sexual preference, etc.

DOC: THE ACADEMIC AND BEHAVIORAL CONSEQUENCES OF DISCIPLINE POLICY: Philadelphia: Major study of policy results in Philadelphia schools. This is a very thorough analysis of several districts and the long term consequences of Obama policies.

DOC: HOW TO TALK ABOUT RACE PACKET: Epoch Education. The document starts with, “In order to adequately discuss race, we need to understand its social, economic, and political construction as well as its lived experience. Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a framework that helps us.” This is a workshop course commonly used in educational institutions to help develop textbooks and curriculum. A rubric (designed by San Juan Unified School District) is presented that clearly maligns Western-Dominant narratives. Encourages including accomplishments of people from historically disenfranchised groups. Most likely, these figures who exhibited great success will not include the ones who thought highly of Western and American ideals and progress.

DOC: ORIGINAL CONTENT AND THOUGHTS ON DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION: (Guiding structure used in San Juan Unified School District) EPOCH EDUCATION. One instructional suggestion shows an episode with Ericka Huggins who was a criminal and a founding Black Panther Party Member, Communist, and radical activist. They hold her story up as an encouragement to young students. As an aid in guiding teachers, Epoch offers courses such as, “Rooting Out Implicit Bias” and “Exploring Micro Aggressions”, etc.


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